How Do I Avoid Identity Theft? – Part II

Protect information on your computerToday we will talk about keeping personal information safe on your computer. This is another place where thieves can steel your information. Among other things, computer viruses can be used to log your keystrokes, take and use your list of email contacts sending out information with your email address, track your shopping habits, or use your computer to store and disseminate computer files or malicious programs. Continue reading

AVS Protects Your Account Information

Security ProtectionAVS stands for Address Verification System and is used by payment gateways to verify the identity of the person making an electronic payment. This applies whether you are paying from your bank account or credit card. The system checks the billing address on file for that account. If the street address and zip code do not match the billing address on file, the payment will be declined to protect the cardholder. Continue reading