Rental Payment History Report

Rental Payment HistoryIt is very difficult to show proof of payment when applying to rent an apartment, home, or commercial property. The only time you may get a receipt is when you show up in person to make a rent payment and ask for a receipt. Otherwise you normally don’t have proof of payment unless you make copies of your payment checks. Our program allows tenants to opt-in to save their payment history so that you can print out a rental payment history report at any time.

Our goal is to increase accountability and verifiability between tenants and prospective landlords. The statement on your report reads as follows:¬† “The following transactions have been processed through by Frontline Processing and are verified by our accounting¬†staff.”

We verify what you have paid and to whom, the dates you paid, and we include the transaction ID to show that we have proof of your payment. We give you this report to show that you use a recognized payment service and payment processor. We stand behind you and will vouch to any landlord or property manager on your behalf.

We want to set a new industry standard that gives verifiable payment history to anyone that is making payments on a lease agreement. If you want your landlord to subscribe to a service like this, just give them a copy of our rent payment plans.

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