Automatic rent payment by electronic check

Automatic Rent Payment

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Rent payment by electronic check

Collect rent on time

  • More renters want automatic payment option
  • Funds deposited in your bank account

Convenience | Simplicity

  • Receive payments on time
  • Accept single and recurring payments
  • Disburse funds to property owners or employees
  • Manage transactions 24/7 in your customer vault


  • Export .csv files to
    work seamlessly with your bookkeeping software
  • Reports available in Excel spreadsheets

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Automatic Payment Plan

automatic paymentsPrint this flyer or distribute among your associates for discussion.


I love this program. Sure cuts down on all the traffic coming into the office.

Rainbow Property Management

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Accept Online Payments

automatic payments

Learn how you can provide the convenience of online payment.

Automatic rent payment by electronic checkSingle and Recurring Rent Payments

AutoPayRent.com now offers a scheduled payment program to landlords and property managers that allows you to collect rent automatically by electronic check.

The program includes the following features:

  • Payment authorization forms for tenants to sign.
  • Option to add a service fee to offset cost of electronic payment.
  • Receive payment for any rent-related fees: screening fees, security deposit, or monthly rent.
  • 24/7 Access to customer vault where you can manage transactions and view your deposits.
  • Make disbursements to property owners or employees by electronic check..

Payment Plan Details

scheduled payments
Electronic Check Only*
Monthly service fee**
One time setup fee
Electronic check
*Requires merchant to provide sixty (60) days written notice to terminate plan and agreement remains in force for 120 days after written notice is received.
** Price shown above is per bank account used to receive funds. Payments are batched for deposit. Cost per batch is 25¢ which may result in a cost of $2 to $7 per month depending on usage. If payor has NSF there is a $10 late return fee.
approvalApproval normally takes one week from the time you submit all paperwork.
trainingOnline training and support provided.
tenantsAttract tenants who want an automatic payment option.
Transactions / Month
1 to 79 per month
80 to 149 per month
150 to 399 per month
400 to 699 per month
700 to 999 per month
1,000 or more per month
$1.99 each
$1.49 each
$0.99 each
$0.79 each
$0.59 each
$0.49 each
† Transactions include payments received and disbursements made.

Accounting Software

All transactions can be exported to .xls or .csv files from your customer vault. You can import transactions into your accounting software. If you need assistance to format the file for your software, we provide that service for $79 or more. Call for details.

Easy and Affordable

This is a no-hassle program designed to collect payments for you in an efficient, affordable manner. [+] See a transaction report below from the customer vault.

Give renters the convenience of automatic payment!

To get started with your online rent payment program, we recommend any of the following steps:

  • Questions – for more information call Jim Adamek toll free at (888) 499-4099 or (406) 245-0221 or send us a note.
  • Online demo – You will see our general and itemized payment authorization forms that tenants will sign. Then we will show you the customer vault and receipts from our program. Call us at (888) 499-4099 or send us a note.
  • Print a flyer – we provide a summary of our payment plan above so you can discuss this information with your business associates.
  • Multiple bank accounts – call us to discuss the needs of your company so we can give you an estimate based on your specific needs. Call Jim Adamek at (888) 499-4099 or send us a note.
  • Ready to apply fill out the information on this form, save the form and information on your computer, then send it to us and we will pre-fill the paperwork for your payment plan. Approval of your program takes a week from the time we receive your completed paperwork.


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